The Turner County Sheriff's Office provides several services to assist the public. We have on duty deputies on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also provide application for pistol permits, serving civil process, 24/7 Sobriety program, warrant service, and more. If you have a question you can reach us at 605-297-3225. If you need to reach a deputy after business hours call 605-764-2523, an of course if you have an emergency, dial 911!

24/7 Sobriety Program

In order to sign up for the 24/7 program, please stop at our office during business hours, 8a-5p. We offer 2x daily PBT, Drug Patch, and UA tests. Please call to setup appointments. 

ALICE Training

Our office has a certified ALICE Instructor. ALICE training is a civilian active shooter training available for any organization or school. For more information contact our office. 

Civil Process

If you have a civil process document to be served, please mail the contents that need to be served to PO Box 580, Parker SD 57053.

Community Oriented

The Turner County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to making a difference in the communities we serve. We are available for any programs or activities you would like to see in your communities. We have recently added a School Resource Officer who is dedicated to going into the schools daily to build relationships and break down barriers with the youth.

Pistol Permits

In order to apply for a concealed carry permit, stop by our office during business hours. A background check will be done after an application is completed. A $10 fee is required for a conceal carry permit.


If you have information on a case or wanted person, please contact our office at 605-297-3225 to discuss the information with a Deputy.