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24/7 Sobriety Program

24/7 Program


Testing window (Daily): 8:25a-8:35a

Testing window (Daily): 8:25p-8:35p

Fees: $1 dollar per test, plus $1 dollar per day state free for the first 30 days.


Testing window (Weekly): Call to make an appointment.

Fee: $6 per day.

Drug Patch

Testing Window (Bi-Weekly): Call to make an appointment.

Fee: $50 per patch.

All fees are required to be paid in advance or the participant will be violated per the conditions of the 24/7 agreement.

The Turner County Sheriff's Office participates in the South Dakota 24/7 Sobriety Program. The program is designed to ensure the sobriety of participants through daily PBT, CAM (Continuous Alcohol Monitoring bracelet), UA, and Drug Patch.


The 24/7 program can be a condition of bond, sentence, and probation. The participant is required to comply with the 24/7 Program agreement.

Fees associated with the cost of the 24/7 program are paid for by the participants as they go through the court system.


If you have a been ordered to participate in the 24/7 program, contact our office as soon as possible to arrange a time to get signed up on the program.


Call 605-297-3225 with any questions or to setup and appointment.

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