Active Warrants


This section was created to allow the public to assist law enforcement in locating people with warrants.  The warrants reflected on this page are Turner County Warrants only. These do not reflect warrants from other counties or other states. 


If you have information regarding someone with an active warrant, do not approach the person. Instead, please contact our office or your local Law Enforcement. At your request you may also remain anonymous.  The addresses listed are last known addresses and may not reflect the wanted person’s actual residence.  These warrants are updated regularly. You can see how recent the report is by looking in the top right of the report.

If you are listed as having a warrant, please contact our office to resolve it. If you believe you are listed in error and you do not have an active warrant, e-mail or call our office and we will check on the status of the warrant and remove it if necessary.

If you agree with the above disclaimer, please click the button below to download a PDF of Active Turner County Warrants